May 30th – Northeast Region Pro-Am Event – Lake Hernando, Hernando

The event will be held on Lake Hernando from the Lake Hernando Park Boat Ramp located at 3699 E Orange Drive, Hernando, FL 34442.


  • Online registration only
  • Tournament entry fee will be $105 ($100 Entry Fee & $5 Processing/Administration Fee)
  • Optional Side Pots: $10 Big Bass & $10 Total Boat Weight
  • Creel limit for this event will be 5-fish per angler (Boater & Co-Angler)

Minimum length: 12 inches

TOURNAMENT WATERS: Lake Hernando and any creeks, and canals connecting to this lake. Only that water open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters. Any waters closed to public fishing will be off limits. Please observe all Idle/No Wake Zones.

LODGING: No lodging or special rates have been arranged for this event.



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