State Qualifiers

Central Region Boaters

Angler's NameClub
Adam SumnerClub Florida
Barry EdieWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
Billy CharlandWinter Springs Bassmasters
Brent KirkendallMarion County Bassmasters
Caleb BundyUniversity of Central Florida
Chris BeemanCitrus County Bassmasters
Chris KingreeCitrus County Bassmasters
Chris ProwantBassmasters of Gator Country
Colby RobertsonCitrus County Bassmasters
Corey SmithLake County Bassmasters
Dan CarriganCitrus County Bassmasters
Dan GentryMarion County Bassmasters
Dave TurnerCitrus County Bassmasters
David FritzLake County Bassmasters
Dean JonesClub Florida
Dennis GalassiClub Florida
Dennis Zack SmithTeam Fishing Series (TFS)
Donnie CrouseLake County Bassmasters
Eric PanzironiWinter Springs Bassmasters
Gerald RoseWinter Springs Bassmasters
Hojin ChangTropical Bassmasters
Jack GoodwinN.C.B.A. Bassmasters
James HowardTampa Bay Bassmasters
Jamie LanierCitrus County Bassmasters
Jason HaynesLake County Bassmasters
Jeff ChastainLake County Bassmasters
Jeffrey WorthTropical Bassmasters
Jim LindLake County Bassmasters
Joe Moss, JrTampa Bay Bassmasters
Joseph CampbellCitrus County Bassmasters
Kenneth LaneWinter Springs Bassmasters
Kevin SchudelMarion County Bassmasters
Lawrence McConnellCitrus County Bassmasters
Mark BassLake County Bassmasters
Mark MalysLake County Bassmasters
Matthew GeeLake County Bassmasters
Nick BowdenLake County Bassmasters
Patrick MurrayMarion County Bassmasters
Peter SarafTropical Bassmasters
Randy FutchCitrus County Bassmasters
Randy MontoneyFlorida Trails Bassmasters
Ray ChanceyLakeland Bassmasters
Richard GreeneMarion County Bassmasters
Rick OsterholtLake County Bassmasters
Robert HolcombWinter Springs Bassmasters
Scott MaySouth Pasco Bassmasters
Scott PrittClub Florida
Terry BloomLake County Bassmasters
Terry WienBay Area Bassmasters
Timothy Devin van DalenLake County Bassmasters
Tom WalshClub Florida
Tony BejanoTampa Bay Bassmasters
Victor LordCitrus County Bassmasters
Warren ForsytheLake County Bassmasters
Warren GenselBay Area Bassmasters

North Eastern Region Boaters

Angler's NameClub
Chad DorlandMarion County Bassmasters
Daniel Irish1st Coast Christian Bass Club
David Andy SmithTeam Fishing Series (TFS)
Jason (Jay) DailyBassmasters of Gator Country
Mark BlevinsBassmasters of Gator Country
Matt RittmanBassmasters of Gator Country
Michael CattBassmasters of Gator Country
Raymond GallerBassmasters of Gator Country
Steven ThamesBassmasters of Gator Country
Thomas Wayne GartenBassmasters of Gator Country

North Western Region Boaters

Angler's NameClub
Allen CourtneySouthern Bass Anglers
Randall LangstonSouthern Bass Anglers
Kenneth SammonsConsolidated Bassmasters
Kent MooreConsolidated Bassmasters
Chris SaboSouthern Bass Anglers
Michael KruegerTwin Cities Bass Club
Edward (Eddie) WoffordConsolidated Bassmasters
Thomas MartinSouthern Bass Anglers
Richard HarringtonHub City Bassmasters
Jeffrey Todd McGlonSouthern Bass Anglers
Patrick MallardHub City Bassmasters
Mark DeatonSouthern Bass Anglers

Central Region Co-Anglers

Angler's NameClub
Billy CharlandWinter Springs Bassmasters
Bryan MitkoTampa Bay Bassmasters
Carson SchulzTampa Bay Bassmasters
Cary WienBay Area Bassmasters
Curt JamesN.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Gary SaxarraLake County Bassmasters
Gus MolokClub Florida
Hayden FinniganN.C.B.A. Bassmasters
James KelleyWinter Springs Bassmasters
James StricklinWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
Jarrod StroudTropical Bassmasters
Jeff ChastainLake County Bassmasters
Jim TopmillerFlorida Trails Bassmasters
Joe CollinsWinter Springs Bassmasters
Joe PinkstonLakeland Bassmasters
John GasperakWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
John HendryLakeland Bassmasters
Justin MitkoTampa Bay Bassmasters
Ken WillitsWinter Springs Bassmasters
Levi CrosswayTeam Fishing Series (TFS)
Lyle ThomasWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
Mark OrrangeTropical Bassmasters
Rodrigo CruzFlorida Trails Bassmasters
Scott WiseLake County Bassmasters
Terry WienBay Area Bassmasters
Tom BatemanMarion County Bassmasters

North Eastern Region Co-Anglers

Angler's NameClub
Adam MatthewsBassmasters of Gator Country
Chuck FosterBass Capitol Bassmasters
Colton ParrishMarion County Bassmasters
David CohenBass Capitol Bassmasters
David StricklinBassmasters of Gator Country
Jeff KyleBassmasters of Gator Country
Jim KeithBassmasters of Gator Country

North Western Region Co-Anglers

Angler's NameClub
Robert (Bob) MilesHub City Bassmasters
Tanner SteffanHub City Bassmasters