Southern Team Series – April 16th, 2022 Write-up

The day on Lake Okeechobee was pretty good. The weather cooperated with the wind being tolerable in the morning and non-existent in the afternoon. We had 22 teams competing to qualify for the State Championship and the top 16 teams qualified to move on. There was a total of 100 bass brought to the scale for 222.66 pounds, an average of 2.23 pounds each. Of the 100 bass brought to the scale, 98 were released alive. There were only 2 teams that zeroed with the rest bringing a 5 fish limit to the scale. Due to the number of teams entered, the tournament paid the first 4 places which consisted of the following teams. There were 3 Clubs represented, Bass Rattlers Association with 16 teams, Royal Palm Bassmasters with 5 teams and the Topwater Bass Assassins with 1 team. My thanks to everyone that participated and to everyone that helped with the boat check, setup and takedown for the weigh in.

1st place:             Earl Griffin – Chad Cox, Bass Rattlers Association, 21.96 pounds

2nd place:            Jim Finley – Mike Cass, Bass Rattlers Association, 17.67 pounds

3rd place:            Randy King – Jimmy Decker, Royal palm Bassmasters, 16.05 pounds

4th place:            Chris Grayson – Steve Mezeros, Bass Rattlers Association, 13.56 pounds

Big Fish:              Earl Griffin – Chad Cox, Bass Rattlers Association, 6.33 pounds   

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