Oct. 23rd, 2021 Pro/Am State Championship – Day 1


S1Mike SaleebaBass Rattlers Association 5/515.620.008.4815.62
C2Jarrod StroudFlorida Trails Bassmasters 4/414.940.000.0014.94
NW3Benny BeckhamBassmasters of Gator Country 5/514.860.000.0014.86
C4Dave TurnerCitrus County Bassmasters 5/514.670.000.0014.67
NW5David BoydQuincy Bassmasters 5/514.520.006.0614.52
S6Michael CassBass Rattlers Association 5/514.520.000.0014.52
C7Dan CarriganCitrus County Bassmasters 5/514.410.000.0014.41
NE8Chad DorlandMarion County Bassmasters 5/514.080.000.0014.08
S9Yoan AlvarezBass Rattlers Association 5/513.920.000.0013.92
NW10Michael SmithHub City Bassmasters 5/513.830.000.0013.83
C11Scott PickettWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 4/413.670.000.0013.67
NE12David Andy SmithTeam Fishing Series 5/513.530.000.0013.53
NW13Kenneth SammonsConsolidated Bassmasters 5/513.320.000.0013.32
NW14Allen DukeConsolidated Bassmasters 5/512.860.000.0012.86
NW15Mike SloanHydrilla Gnats 5/512.800.000.0012.80
NW16Mitch LangstonCapital City Bass Hunters 5/512.680.000.0012.68
C17Corey SmithTampa Bay Bassmasters 5/512.430.003.8012.43
NE18Dan GentryMarion County Bassmasters 5/512.430.000.0012.43
C19Billy CarrollLake County Bassmasters 5/512.410.000.0012.41
C20Joseph CampbellCitrus County Bassmasters 5/512.020.000.0012.02
NW21Joe ClearyHydrilla Gnats 5/511.760.000.0011.76
NE22Ryan CrowleyTeam Fishing Series 5/511.610.000.0011.61
C23Randy MontoneyWinter Springs Bassmasters 5/511.230.000.0011.23
NW24Colt WilliamsCapital City Bass Hunters 4/311.360.255.4211.11
C25Tom WalshClub Florida 5/510.960.000.0010.96
NW26Eddie WoffordConsolidated Bassmasters 5/510.880.000.0010.88
C27Raymond TrudeauBass Rattlers Association 5/510.830.000.0010.83
S28Jacob WhitmanBass Rattlers Association 5/510.150.000.0010.15
S29James StovallBass Rattlers Association 5/59.760.000.009.76
S30Joe LongBass Rattlers Association 4/49.630.000.009.63
NW31Shane SemmesConsolidated Bassmasters 5/59.310.000.009.31
NE32Greg CrumptonMarion County Bassmasters 5/
NW33Jace HiltonHub City Bassmasters 4/
C34Scott PrittClub Florida 5/
NW35Benjamin BarnettHub City Bassmasters 5/
NW36Michael KruegerTwin Cities Bass Club 4/48.900.000.008.90
S37Bobby WatsonBass Rattlers Association 5/58.830.000.008.83
C38Richard GreeneCitrus County Bassmasters 5/48.880.250.258.63
C39John HendryLakeland Bassmasters 4/48.610.000.008.61
NW40Stephen McLemoreSouthern Bass Anglers 5/48.440.250.258.19
C41Colby RobertsonCitrus County Bassmasters 5/
C42Mark BassLake County Bassmasters 4/
S43Willie ManningBass Rattlers Association 2/
C44Scott MayClub Florida 5/57.950.000.007.95
C45Danny MetcalfLake County Bassmasters 4/47.750.000.007.75
S46Dell HatfieldBass Rattlers Association 5/57.620.000.007.62
C47John DialWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 5/57.420.000.007.42
C48Richard AllenCitrus County Bassmasters 2/27.340.000.007.34
C49Brian RodriguezWinter Springs Bassmasters 4/
NW50Patrick MallardHub City Bassmasters 5/
C51Jeff ShafferLake County Bassmasters 3/36.790.000.006.79
C52Barry EdieWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 5/56.700.000.006.70
NE53Michael CattBassmasters of Gator Country 5/56.370.000.006.37
S54Todd EarlBass Rattlers Association 4/46.320.000.006.32
C55Tommy SayersLake County Bassmasters 4/
NE56Paul BraunBassmasters of Gator Country 3/35.820.000.005.82
S57Clay FarmerTop Water Bass Assassins 5/55.560.000.005.56
S58Rick WilhelmBass Rattlers Association 3/35.380.000.005.38
NW59Larry GainesConsolidated Bassmasters 2/25.310.000.005.31
C60Jeffrey WardLake County Bassmasters 2/24.910.000.004.91
C61Jim TopmillerLake County Bassmasters 4/44.820.000.004.82
NW62Barry WalkerHydrilla Gnats 2/24.810.000.004.81
C63William MooreClub Florida 1/14.520.004.524.52
C64Jeff ChastainLake County Bassmasters 2/
S65Jim JosephBass Rattlers Association 2/23.600.000.003.60
C66David FrostLimiters 3/33.340.000.003.34
C67Terry WienBay Area Bassmasters 2/
S68Robert (Bob) WoodBass Rattlers Association 2/22.970.000.002.97
NW69Matt BassCapital City Bass Hunters 2/22.660.000.002.66
S70Tom BrownBass Rattlers Association 2/22.370.000.002.37
NE71Patrick MurrayMarion County Bassmasters 1/
C72Sylvester SmallsBass Rattlers Association 1/11.340.001.341.34
C73Doug SaulsTuscawilla B/M of Winter Sprn 0/
C73Dean JonesClub Florida 0/
NE73Robert StumpeBass Capitol Bassmasters 0/
NW73Kent MooreConsolidated Bassmasters 0/
S73David WiseBass Rattlers Association 0/
C73Bob KnoerzerTuscawilla B/M of Winter Sprn 0/
C73Anthony RobertsLakeland Bassmasters 0/
SBig BassMike SaleebaBass Rattlers Association8.48


C1Lucky WellsLakeland Bassmasters 5/512.720.004.6812.72
S2Earl GriffinBass Rattlers Association 5/512.640.000.0012.64
C3Dan FayWinter Springs Bassmasters 5/512.210.000.0012.21
NE4Benjamin KiersteinMarion County Bassmasters 5/512.080.000.0012.08
C5Mark SmithLakeland Bassmasters 5/510.580.005.5310.58
S6Clinton LacinakBass Rattlers Association 5/510.550.000.0010.55
NE7Cary WienBay Area Bassmasters 5/510.320.000.0010.32
C8Al Froggy KolasaLimiters 5/59.890.000.009.89
C9Cecil HockLakeland Bassmasters 5/59.490.000.009.49
C10Paul MontoneyFlorida Trails Bassmasters 5/
S11William WoodBass Rattlers Association 5/58.800.000.008.80
NE12John HaynesBassmasters of Gator Country 5/58.350.000.008.35
NE13Isaac DorlandMarion County Bassmasters 3/37.850.000.007.85
NE14Claude Loftin1st Coast Christian Bass Club 5/57.810.000.007.81
S15Phil NorthropRoyal Palm Bassmasters 5/57.380.000.007.38
C16Elgin OwensWinter Springs Bassmasters 1/
NW17John CopelandConsolidated Bassmasters 2/26.940.005.526.94
S18Ron BuckBass Rattlers Association 4/46.920.000.006.92
S19Michael DavisBass Rattlers Association 3/36.870.000.006.87
NW20Luke CockeHydrilla Gnats 2/26.610.005.226.61
C21James HaggertyPalm Bay Bassmasters 5/
C22Joe PinkstonLakeland Bassmasters 3/35.910.000.005.91
S23Tom BatemanBass Rattlers Association 3/35.630.003.155.63
NW24Chris NeelyHydrilla Gnats 1/15.340.005.345.34
C25Matthew KeebleLakeland Bassmasters 2/25.300.000.005.30
C26Edward PylesWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 3/34.890.000.004.89
C27John GasperakWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 3/34.670.000.004.67
C28James RoseWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 3/34.360.000.004.36
S29Mike LaportaBass Rattlers Association 3/34.310.000.004.31
C30Frank LauriaBay Area Bassmasters 2/
NW31Caden BranchCapital City Bass Hunters 3/
C32Scott WiseLake County Bassmasters 2/23.950.000.003.95
C33Gary SaxarraLake County Bassmasters 2/22.570.000.002.57
S34Aaron NavarroBass Rattlers Association 1/
NE35Kyle TomlinsonMarion County Bassmasters 1/11.690.001.691.69
C36James Lamar MiddletonWinter Haven Lunker Lovers 1/
C37Ken WillitsWinter Springs Bassmasters 0/
C37Eric StongFlorida Trails Bassmasters 0/
NW37Teance BlackburnConsolidated Bassmasters 0/
S37James KingRoyal Palm Bassmasters 0/
S37William LathamRoyal Palm Bassmasters 0/
CBig BassElgin OwensWinter Springs Bassmasters7.23

High School Open

S1Harley CollinsHendry County HS Bassmasters 5/513.110.005.1513.11
NE2Braxton JohnsonColumbia High School Bassmasters 5/510.320.003.9310.32
C3Clay JacksonAuburndale High School 4/
S4Aydin HoltHendry County HS Bassmasters 5/
C5Tucker GarnerPlant City High School 5/58.680.000.008.68
C6Evan Wade NewellMid FloridaYouth Anglers HS 5/58.480.000.008.48
S7Trent HandleyHendry County HS Bassmasters 2/08.650.500.008.15
S8Jacob AndersonHendry County HS Bassmasters 1/14.780.004.784.78
S9Carson YeroBig O Teen Anglers HS 2/24.710.000.004.71
NE10Dawson EttingerClay County High School Bassmasters 2/24.370.000.004.37
S11Kane WeekleyHendry County HS Bassmasters 1/14.350.004.354.35
S12Boone StewartHendry County HS Bassmasters 3/
S13Tucker HandleyHendry County HS Bassmasters 2/23.570.000.003.57
S14Clayton GriffithHendry County HS Bassmasters 2/23.530.000.003.53
S15Lane DavisOkeechobee Brahmans 2/
NE16Dalton StaatsColumbia High School Bassmasters 2/22.900.000.002.90
S17Korbyn LewisOkeechobee Brahmans 1/12.460.002.462.46
C18Dylan QuilatanSeminole Junior Anglers 1/12.320.002.322.32
S19Dominik SteinmetzOkeechobee Brahmans 1/
NE20Cody MorganMarion County High School Bassmasters 1/11.900.001.901.90
S21Zander MarroquinHendry County HS Bassmasters 0/
S21Hunter TurnerHendry County HS Bassmasters 0/
S21Austin YoungHighlands County Anglers Club 0/
S21Jared BullockHighlands County Anglers Club 0/
NWBig BassHarley CollinsHendry County HS Bassmasters5.15