Pro / Am State Championship Elgible Anglers

Central Region Boaters

Angler's Name Club
Adam Sumner Club Florida
Barry Edie Winter Haven Lunker Lovers
Billy Carroll Lake County Bassmasters
Billy Charland Winter Springs Bassmasters
Blaine Partee Tropical Bassmasters
Bob Bostdorf Club Florida
Bob Duff Marion County Bassmasters
Brent Kirkendall Marion County Bassmasters
Caleb Bundy University of Central Florida
Chris Beeman Citrus County Bassmasters
Chris Kingree Citrus County Bassmasters
Chris Prowant Bassmasters of Gator Country
Colby Robertson Citrus County Bassmasters
Corey Smith Lake County Bassmasters
Dan Carrigan Citrus County Bassmasters
Dan Gentry Marion County Bassmasters
Dave Turner Citrus County Bassmasters
David Fritz Lake County Bassmasters
David Frost Citrus County Bassmasters
David Glenn Winter Haven Lunker Lovers
Dean Jones Club Florida
Dennis Galassi Club Florida
Dennis Zack Smith Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Donnie Crouse Lake County Bassmasters
Eric Panzironi Winter Springs Bassmasters
Gerald Rose Winter Springs Bassmasters
Hojin Chang Tropical Bassmasters
Jack Goodwin N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
James Howard Tampa Bay Bassmasters
James Inabnett Tropical Bassmasters
Jamie Lanier Citrus County Bassmasters
Jason Haynes Lake County Bassmasters
Jeff Chastain Lake County Bassmasters
Jeff Shaffer Florida Trails Bassmasters
Jeffrey Worth Tropical Bassmasters
Jim Lind Lake County Bassmasters
Joe Justice Lake County Bassmasters
Joe Moss, Jr Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Joel Price Lake County Bassmasters
John Barrow Lake County Bassmasters
John Wayne Lake County Bassmasters
Joseph Campbell Citrus County Bassmasters
Kenneth Lane Winter Springs Bassmasters
Kevin Schudel Marion County Bassmasters
Kyle Fox Lakeland Bassmasters
Lawrence McConnell Citrus County Bassmasters
Mark Bass Lake County Bassmasters
Mark Malys Lake County Bassmasters
Matthew Gee Lake County Bassmasters
Nick Bowden Lake County Bassmasters
Nick Manfredo Citrus County Bassmasters
Patrick Murray Marion County Bassmasters
Peter Saraf Tropical Bassmasters
Randy Futch Citrus County Bassmasters
Randy Montoney Florida Trails Bassmasters
Randy Pack Lakeland Bassmasters
Ray Chancey Lakeland Bassmasters
Richard Greene Marion County Bassmasters
Rick Osterholt Lake County Bassmasters
Robert Holcomb Winter Springs Bassmasters
Scott May South Pasco Bassmasters
Scott Pritt Club Florida
Terry Bloom Lake County Bassmasters
Terry Wien Bay Area Bassmasters
Thomas Ayars Winter Springs Bassmasters
Timothy Devin van Dalen Lake County Bassmasters
Tom Walsh Club Florida
Tony Bejano Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Victor Lord Citrus County Bassmasters
Warren Forsythe Lake County Bassmasters
Warren Gensel Bay Area Bassmasters

Central Region Co-Anglers

Angler's Name Club
Billy Charland Winter Springs Bassmasters
Bryan Mitko Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Carson Schulz Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Cary Wien Bay Area Bassmasters
Cecil Hock Lakeland Bassmasters
Curt James N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Dan Fay Winter Springs Bassmasters
David Chapman Lake County Bassmasters
Edward Pyles Lakeland Bassmasters
Gary Saxarra Lake County Bassmasters
Gus Molok Club Florida
Hayden Finnigan N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
James Kelley Winter Springs Bassmasters
James Stricklin Winter Haven Lunker Lovers
Jarrod Stroud Tropical Bassmasters
Jeff Chastain Lake County Bassmasters
Jim Topmiller Florida Trails Bassmasters
Joe Collins Winter Springs Bassmasters
Joe Pinkston Lakeland Bassmasters
John Gasperak Winter Haven Lunker Lovers
John Hendry Lakeland Bassmasters
Justin Mitko Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Ken Willits Winter Springs Bassmasters
Levi Crossway Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Lyle Thomas Winter Haven Lunker Lovers
Mark Orrange Tropical Bassmasters
Rick Marshall Florida Trails Bassmasters
Rodrigo Cruz Florida Trails Bassmasters
Scott Wise Lake County Bassmasters
Terry Wien Bay Area Bassmasters
Tom Bateman Marion County Bassmasters

North Eastern Region Boaters

Angler's Name Club
Chad Dorland Marion County Bassmasters
Daniel Irish 1st Coast Christian Bass Club
David Andy Smith Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Jason (Jay) Daily Bassmasters of Gator Country
Mark Blevins Bassmasters of Gator Country
Matt Rittman Bassmasters of Gator Country
Michael Catt Bassmasters of Gator Country
Raymond Galler Bassmasters of Gator Country
Steven Thames Bassmasters of Gator Country
Thomas Wayne Garten Bassmasters of Gator Country
Benny Beckham Bassmasters of Gator Country
Chuck Ervin Marion County Bassmasters
William Paul Braun Bassmasters of Gator Country
Robert Heron Bassmasters of Gator Country
Steven Mitko Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Harold Beasley Citrus County Bassmasters
Greg Crumpton Marion County Bassmasters
John Bradley Peters Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Mike Prance Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Kenneth Sir Lakeland Bassmasters
Robert Stumpe Bass Capitol Bassmasters
Chris Prowant Bassmasters of Gator Country
Dennis Hart Bassmasters of Gator Country

North Eastern Region Co-Anglers

Angler's Name Club
Adam Matthews Bassmasters of Gator Country
Chuck Foster Bass Capitol Bassmasters
Colton Parrish Marion County Bassmasters
David Cohen Bass Capitol Bassmasters
David Stricklin Bassmasters of Gator Country
Jeff Kyle Bassmasters of Gator Country
Jim Keith Bassmasters of Gator Country
Robert Moore Marion County Bassmasters
Daniel Tillis Marion County Bassmasters
Colton Parrish Marion County Bassmasters
Barry Brunges Bassmasters of Gator Country
Mark Smith Lakeland Bassmasters
Zack Barrera Marion County Bassmasters
Russell Tillis Marion County Bassmasters
Jim Ethan Melton Marion County Bassmasters

North Western Region Boaters

Angler's Name Club
Allen Courtney Southern Bass Anglers
Bobby Smith Southern Bass Anglers
Chris Sabo Southern Bass Anglers
David Boyd Quincy Bassmasters
Drew Cook Quincy Bassmasters
Edward (Eddie) Wofford Consolidated Bassmasters
Jamie Johns Southern Bass Anglers
Jeffrey Todd McGlon Southern Bass Anglers
Kenneth Sammons Consolidated Bassmasters
Kent Moore Consolidated Bassmasters
Kevin Oleen Miracle Strip Bass Club
Mark Deaton Southern Bass Anglers
Michael Krueger Twin Cities Bass Club
Patrick Mallard Hub City Bassmasters
Randall Langston Southern Bass Anglers
Richard Harrington Hub City Bassmasters
Ryan O'Shea Hub City Bassmasters
Stephen McLemore Southern Bass Anglers
Thomas Martin Southern Bass Anglers

North Western Region Co-Anglers

Angler's Name Club
Robert (Bob) Miles Hub City Bassmasters
Tanner Steffan Hub City Bassmasters
Ralph Sanford Quincy Bassmasters
Steven Hersom Miracle Strip Bass Club

South Region Boaters

Angler's NameClub
David OliveiraBass Rattlers Association
Yoan AlvarezBass Rattlers Association
Fred GeorgeBass Rattlers Association
Jim StovallBass Rattlers Association
Mike OttmanBass Rattlers Association
Juan RuizBass Rattlers Association
Robert EidBass Rattlers Association
Rick WilhelmBass Rattlers Association
Richard StiglitzBass Rattlers Association
Alan SweatBass Rattlers Association
Ray TrudeauBass Rattlers Association
Jeff LeDrouxBass Rattlers Association
Curtis LewisBass Rattlers Association
John HenryLakeland Bassmasters
David JodoinBass Rattlers Association
Barry EdieWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
Sylvester SmallsBass Rattlers Association
Mike MorseLakeland Bassmasters

South Region Co-angler

Angler's NameClub
Aaron NavaroBass Rattlers Association
Dave KimbleyBass Rattlers Association
Bill WoodBass Rattlers Association
Wes JonesBass Rattlers Association
John GasperakWinter Haven Lunker Lovers
Matt WolosynBass Rattlers Association
Mike LaPortaBass Rattlers Association
Dick CombsLakeland Bassmasters
Jim AllenClewiston Bassmasters