Florida BASS Nation South Region Team # 3

The Florida BASS Nation South Region held their Team Qualifier # 3 on February 17, 2024 out of Scott Driver Park. The weather was pretty cooperative, with only a couple of slight drizzles of rain throughout the day.  A bit of a lackluster turnout with only seven (7) teams competing. With that, all seven (7) team brough five (5) fish limits to the scale with all thirty-five (35) fished released alive. Congratulations to the top finishers. 

Just a reminder, the qualifications for the State Championship have changed this season from past seasons. This season in order to qualify for the State Championship your team must finish in the top 85% in the standings at the completion of all four (4) qualifiers. The current “Cut Line” is at the top eleven teams.

Top Finishers, Team Qualifier # 3

  1. Tyler Nekolny / Eric Morgan, 20.52 pounds
  2. Clay Farmer / Christian Farmer, 16.65 pounds
  3. Scott LaFave / Kimberley LaFave, 15.58 Pounds

Top in Points Standings

  1. Clay Farmer / Christian Farmer, 396 points
  2. Rick Wilhelm / Dell Hatfield, 390 points
  3. Scott LaFave / Kimberley LaFave, 388 points