FBN South Region Team Qualifier # 4

The final FBN South Region Team Qualifier was held on Saturday 08/27/2022. This was the final Team Qualifier in the State. With that, there were only five (5) Teams that competed. The Florida BASS Nation Team State Championship will be held on Lake Okeechobee out of Scott Driver Park September 24 & 25, 2022. I want to thank everyone that came out and fished Saturday as well as the other three (3) qualifying tournaments. With the five (5) teams a total of nineteen (19) fish were brought to the scales for a total of 48.30 pounds, an average of 2.54 pounds each.

  1. Scott Kerslake / Rob Holley, 17.22 pounds
  2. Yoan Alvarez / Roger Gonzalez, 12.47 pounds
  3. Scott LaFave / Kim LaFave, 9.72 pounds
  4. Earl Griffin / Chad Cox, 6.13 pounds
  5. Robert Eid / John Hendry, 2.76 pounds

Big Fish,  Scott Kerslake / Rob Holley, 4.50 pounds