FBN South Region Pro Am #2 Recap

To say conditions, for the anglers, was not optimal would be an understatement. I am certain that everyone came in a lot wetter and more windblown than they left the ramp in the morning. Fortunately for the anglers, the fish didn’t seem to bothered by the conditions. More than ½ the 23 anglers brought limits to the scales. There were a few more that had small limits that made the decision not to weigh them in and there were a few anglers that had boat issues as well. There were a total of 88 fish brought to the scale for 237.44 pounds, an average of just under 2.70 pounds each. Thanks to everyone that braved the elements and came out to fish. Congratulations to the top finishers and especially to Jake Whitman going back to back wins for the Florida BASS Nation Pro Am Series. The top finishers are listed below. If anyone has any questions, please contact me.

Also, thanks to those that helped setup and breakdown the weigh in equipment and to Trevor Whitman for running fish for a couple of the older guys (Rick Wilhelm, lol). Thanks to Jeff Ledroux for handling the bump tank and scale as well.

Top Finishers, Anglers

  1. Jake Whitman, 19.53 pounds
  2. Joe Long, 18.50 pounds
  3. Rick Wilhelm, 18.40 pounds

Big Fish, Anglers

  1. Scott Kerslake, 7.91 pounds

Top Finishers, Co-Anglers

  1. Bobby Watson, 9.36 pounds
  2. John Hendry, 9.33 pounds
  3. Tom Bateman, 7.88 pounds

Big Fish, Co-Anglers

  1. Bobby Watson, 6.91 pounds