Central Angler of the Year Standings


PlaceAngler's NameClub1/27/182/18/183/11/184/21/18DropTotal
1Corey SmithLake County Bassmasters178204186  568
2Victor LordCitrus County Bassmasters186162210  558
3Mark MalysLake County Bassmasters208154188  550
4Colby RobertsonCitrus County Bassmasters184182182  548
5Joseph CampbellCitrus County Bassmasters166160206  532
6Dave TurnerCitrus County Bassmasters160136178  474
6Warren ForsytheLake County Bassmasters106200168  474
8Dan CarriganCitrus County Bassmasters168130158  456
9Chris KingreeCitrus County Bassmasters122158170  450
10Dean JonesClub Florida134124184  442
11Terry BloomLake County Bassmasters112126202  440
12Joe Moss, JrTampa Bay Bassmasters132132164  428
13Jamie LanierCitrus County Bassmasters10208208  426
14David FritzLake County Bassmasters21019210  412
15Jack GoodwinN.C.B.A. Bassmasters126122162  410
16Nick BowdenLake County Bassmasters1942060 0400
17Randy MontoneyFlorida Trails Bassmasters0198198 0396
18Eric PanzironiWinter Springs Bassmasters1961960 0392
19Dennis GalassiClub Florida1920196 0388
20Jim LindLake County Bassmasters2001760 0376
21Randy FutchCitrus County Bassmasters0186176 0362
22James HowardTampa Bay Bassmasters10184166  360
22Jason HaynesLake County Bassmasters1821780 0360
22Ray ChanceyLakeland Bassmasters2041560 0360
25Rick OsterholtLake County Bassmasters1521940 0346
26Scott PrittClub Florida1461900 0336
27Scott MaySouth Pasco Bassmasters1280204 0332
27Tom WalshClub Florida1441880 0332
29Chris BeemanCitrus County Bassmasters1480180 0328
30Kenneth LaneWinter Springs Bassmasters1761480 0324
31Adam SumnerClub Florida1421800 0322
32Warren GenselBay Area Bassmasters1640156 0320
33Lawrence McConnellCitrus County Bassmasters1180192 0310
33Peter SarafTropical Bassmasters1581520 0310
35Gerald RoseWinter Springs Bassmasters1741340 0308
36Barry EdieWinter Haven Lunker Lovers10128160  298
37Robert HolcombWinter Springs Bassmasters1241680 0292
38Mark BassLake County Bassmasters1301440 0274
39Hojin ChangTropical Bassmasters1141420 0256
40Kyle FoxLakeland Bassmasters02100 0210
41Bob BostdorfClub Florida20600 0206
42Billy CarollLake County Bassmasters02020 0202
42Joe JusticeLake County Bassmasters20200 0202
44Joel PriceLake County Bassmasters00200 0200
45Samuel MooreBay Area Bassmasters19800 0198
46Caleb BundyUniversity of Central Florida00194 0194
47Blaine ParteeTropical Bassmasters19000 0190
47Nick ManfredoCitrus County Bassmasters00190 0190
49John BarrowLake County Bassmasters18800 0188
50Jeff ChastainLake County Bassmasters101740 0184
51Timothy Devin van DalenLake County Bassmasters101720 0182
52Billy CharlandWinter Springs Bassmasters101700 0180
52Thomas CraigheadBay Area Bassmasters18000 0180
54Tony BejanoTampa Bay Bassmasters016610 0176
55Bob DuffFlorida Trails Bassmasters00174 0174
55Jeffrey WorthTropical Bassmasters101640 0174
57Donnie CrouseLake County Bassmasters162100 0172
57Harold BeasleyCitrus County Bassmasters00172 0172
57Steven MitkoTampa Bay Bassmasters17200 0172
60Ian StrydomTampa Bay Bassmasters17000 0170
61Randy PackLakeland Bassmasters15600 0156
62Tom MahoneyBay Area Bassmasters15400 0154
63David GlennWinter Haven Lunker Lovers15000 0150
63Terry WienBay Area Bassmasters01500 0150
65Matthew GeeLake County Bassmasters138100 0148
66Brian RodriguezWinter Springs Bassmasters01460 0146
67David FrostCitrus County Bassmasters01400 0140
67Johnny Bigger, IISouth Pasco Bassmasters14000 0140
69Jeff ShafferFlorida Trails Bassmasters01380 0138
70Robert ByrumLake County Bassmasters13600 0136
71Bob GrossoBay Area Bassmasters12000 0120
71David DriggersFlorida Trails Bassmasters01200 0120
73John WayneLake County Bassmasters11600 0116
74James InabnettTropical Bassmasters11000 0110
75John Bradley PetersTampa Bay Bassmasters10800 0108
76Rick ScruggsCitrus County Bassmasters0100 010
76Thomas AyarsWinter Springs Bassmasters0010 010
76Thomas TothClub Florida1000 010
PlaceAngler's NameClub1/27/182/18/183/11/184/21/18DropTotal
1James KelleyWinter Springs Bassmasters204204202  610
2Hayden FinniganN.C.B.A. Bassmasters198210196  604
3Ken WillitsWinter Springs Bassmasters200206188  594
4John GasperakWinter Haven Lunker Lovers186192200  578
5Cary WienBay Area Bassmasters190174190  554
6Lyle ThomasWinter Haven Lunker Lovers172178180  530
7Joe CollinsWinter Springs Bassmasters21010206  426
8Gary SaxarraLake County Bassmasters0208198 0406
9Mark OrrangeTropical Bassmasters1962000 0396
10Rodrigo CruzFlorida Trails Bassmasters1922020 0394
11Jim TopmillerFlorida Trails Bassmasters2081820 0390
13Bryan MitkoTampa Bay Bassmasters2020186 0388
12Scott WiseLake County Bassmasters1941940 0388
14Joe PinkstonLakeland Bassmasters1841960 0380
15Jarrod StroudTropical Bassmasters1881880 0376
16James StricklinWinter Haven Lunker Lovers1741980 0372
18Carson SchulzTampa Bay Bassmasters1780184 0362
17Curt JamesN.C.B.A. Bassmasters1701900 0360
19Justin MitkoTampa Bay Bassmasters1660192 0358
20Gus MolokClub Florida1681840 0352
21Billy CharlandWinter Springs Bassmasters00210 0210
22David ChapmanLake County Bassmasters00208 0208
22Michael HardyBay Area Bassmasters20600 0206
24Jeff ChastainLake County Bassmasters00204 0204
24Terry WienBay Area Bassmasters100194 0204
26Cecil HockLakeland Bassmasters01860 0186
30Scott BolingLake County Bassmasters00182 0182
27Edward PylesLakeland Bassmasters18200 0182
28Andrew FussellN.C.B.A. Bassmasters01800 0180
28Dan FayWinter Springs Bassmasters18000 0180
31Dennis HanleyLake County Bassmasters17600 0176
31John HendryLakeland Bassmasters01760 0176
33Thomas AyarsWinter Springs Bassmasters16400 0164
34Brett HobsonTropical Bassmasters1000 010
34Bryan WintonFlorida Trails Bassmasters1000 010
34Philip CammarataFlorida Trails Bassmasters1000 010
34Rick MarshallFlorida Trails Bassmasters1000 010