Bass Nation South Region Team Tournament #1

Scott Driver Park, Okeechobee

Bass Nation Team Tournament #1 was held under great conditions at Clewiston Public Ramp.

The first team tournament for the South Region 2019 season was held on March 24th. The weather was great and most of the teams found good fish. The winning weight was brought in by the team of Curtis Lewis and Steve Fairtrace who represent the Bass Rattlers Association out of West Palm Beach. 2nd place went to team of Jake Whitman and Juan Ruiz also from the Bass Rattlers. Big Fish was caught by Jake and Juan. It weighed 6.52. A big thanks to our past Bass Nation President Tom Mahoney and his better half Carol for coming down and fishing along with another team of Steve Paynter and Brian Hoffman both from Bay Area Bassmasters Club out of Tampa.

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Upcoming South Region Tournaments

Team Tournament #2 will be Sunday April 14th out of Scott Driver Park in Okeechobee.

Team Tournament #3 will be held May 19th out of Scott Driver Park in Okeechobee.

Pro Am #2 will be held on March 31st out of Clewiston.

Pro Am #3 will be held on April 6th out of Okeechobee.

Pro Am #4 will be held on June 16th out of Clewiston.

Our Pro Am #3 out of Scott Driver will precede the High School Tournament that will be held on Sunday. We hope to have a good Tournament. We hope some of the High School kids can use this as a pre-fishing day and fish with us on Saturday.

We are working on a few things to enhance the payout for this Tournament. Go on Florida Bass Nation website and register!