BASS Nation 2024 National Qualifier Schedule

Qualifiers Schedule

  1. Qualifier # 1, Lake Eufaula, Eufaula, Alabama, February 7-9, 2024
  2. Qualifier # 2, Arkansas River, Muskogee, Oklahoma, April 3-5, 2024
  3. Qualifier # 3, Mississippi River, La Crosse, Wisconsin, May 8-10, 2024
  4. Qualifier # 4, Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, New York, July 24-26, 2024

These qualifiers will cap at 250 boaters and 250 non-boaters

There are three (3) ways to gain entry to the Qualifiers

  1. Early Entry Codes
    • Each State will be given twenty (20) codes, ten (10) each for boaters and non-boaters
    • Registration for Early Entry Codes will open on November 28, 2024 at 9:00 AM CST
  2. States “Zoned” (Green Light) Entries
    • These entries will be on a “first come first serve” basis and will end if the field is full without warning
    • Registration for “Zoned” (Green Light) Entry Codes will open on December 5, 2024 at 9:00 AM CST
  3. At Large Entries
    • This entry type will be for persons not affiliated with a particular Club in the State, but who are members of Florida BASS Nation
    • Registration for At Large Entry Codes will open on December 12, 2024 at 9:00 AM CST
    • If the field is full from the previous two (2) registrations, no At large members will be able to register

For Florida BASS Nation, the only Qualifier that will be available will be Qualifier # 1 at Lake Eufaula.

Who will get the Early Entry Codes?

  • Finishers from 5th through 14th places from the Pro-Am State Championship, Anglers and Co-Anglers
  • Please note if you double qualified, the code will go to the next place in line

Payout for each Qualifier, based upon 200 boats

  • First place, $12,000.00 Anglers and $6,000.00 Co-Anglers
  • Payout will go through forty (40) places

Entry Fees

  • Anglers, $400.00
  • Co-Anglers, $200.00

BASS Nation National Championship

  1. Florida BASS Nation, we have a total of sixteen (16) automatic berths, eight (8) each Angler and Co-Angler
    • Four (4) Anglers of the Year and four (4) Co-Anglers of the Year
    • Top four (4) finishers from the 2023 Pro-Am State Championship, Anglers and Co-Anglers
  2. BASS Nation National Championship information
    • When, November 6-8, 2024
    • Where, Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee Tulsa, Oklahoma

More information will be provided when we get closer to the date, i.e. hotels, events, etc.

We will be reaching out to the Anglers and Co-Anglers that are eligible for Early Entry Codes in the very near future to confirm that you will use the codes. If the codes go unused, they are gone and it would be a missed opportunity for someone that could possibly live out their dream and go to the “Dance”, the Bassmaster Classic. Also, if you do register and cannot make the tournament, that spot is lost and not transferable.