2023 – 2024 Florida BASS Nation Team Championship

May 18 and 19, 2024 on the Harris Chain of Lakes out of Buzzard Beach in Tavares, the Sunshine State BASS Nation Tournament Series, Inc., d.b.a. Florida BASS Nation and the Central Region hosted the State Team Championship. From the qualifying tournaments there were a total of fifty-one (51) teams that qualified to advance to the championship of which twenty-seven (27) competed for two (2) spots at the BASS Nation National Team Championship to be held in 2025. Over the two (2) days of competition there were two hundred (200) bass brought to the scales totaling 562.98 pounds averaging 2.81 pounds each. The weather during the fishing days was pretty good with only a couple of stray showers on Sunday morning.

The day one (1) weigh in was another story, as a storm rolled through as the weigh in began and was a total wash out making it impossible to utilize our electronics to track the weights. All weights were documented and transferred to Fishing Chaos later Saturday evening, and with the exception of a missing decimal point  showing first place on day one (1) at 878 pounds, all weights were entered and confirmed. The 878 pounds was corrected to 8.78 pounds and Fishing Chaos is correct and up to date. Congratulations to all that competed and especially to the top finishers, see below. Also, thanks to everyone that assisted in the setup and takedown of the weigh in both days, it was greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Tom Bateman, State Tournament Director, for overcoming several obstacles and coming up with our launch and weigh in site.

Top Finishers

  1. Daniel Hutto / Kelly Borgh, 42.26 pounds
  2. Frank Lauria / DJ Ellis, 41.91 pounds
  3. Michael Catt / John Hough, 39.44 pounds

Big Fish

  1. Day One, Jeff Ledroux / Aaron Navarro, 9.93 pounds
  2. Day Two, Daniel Hutto / Kelly Borgh, 6.77 pounds