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State Championship Entry Form

UPDATED 09/26/14

Allen Courtney Southern Bass Anglers
Allen Duke Consolidated Bassmasters
Anthony Holland  
Bobby Smith Southern Bass Anglers
Brad Fuller Miracle Strip Bass Club
David Boyd
Drew Cook
Eddie Wofford Miracle Strip Bass Club
Eric Wells  
Heath Annin Big Bend Bass Club
Ira Forehand Consolidated Bassmasters
Jerry Kelly Consolidated Bassmasters
Jerry Odem Consolidated Bassmasters
Ken Jorden Southern Bass Anglers
Ken Stanton Consolidated Bassmasters
Kent Moore Miracle Strip Bass Club
Kevin Oleen Miracle Strip Bass Club
Kyle Brooks Southern Bass Anglers
Larry Gains Hub City Bassmasters
Matt Baty Seminole Stix
Mike Bodiford Consolidated Bassmasters
Michael Smith Hub City Bassmasters
Paul Tyre Seminole Stix
Richard Clark Miracle Strip Bass Club
Ryan O'Shea  
Stan Chandler Miracle Strip Bass Club
Sherman Ford Southern Bass Anglers
Steve Gross Consolidated Bassmasters
Steve McLemore Southern Bass Anglers
Trent Hill Southern Bass Anglers
Vernon Ward Miracle Strip Bass Club
Wayne Creel Consolidated Bassmasters
Asa Godsey Clewiston Bass Federation
Chunky Villegas Homestead Hawg Hunters
Curtis Lewis Bass Rattlers
David Jodoin Fort Myers
Donnie Van Dyke Bass Rattlers
Fred George Bass Rattlers Association
Gary Avey Bass Rattlers Association
Gerry Brousseau Clewiston Bass Federation
Jeff Ledroux Bass Rattlers Association
Jeremy Knepper Florida Trails Bassmaster
Johnny Walker Clewiston Bass Federation
Lawrence Sullivan Clewiston Bass Federation
Rick Wilhelm Bass Rattlers Association
Robert Bostdorf Club Florida
Rollin Willmon Fort Myers Bass Club
Scott Bumgardner Bass Rattlers Association
Scott Kerslake Bass Rattlers Association
Steve Meszeros Bass Rattlers Association
Sylvester Smalls Clewiston Bass Federation
Tom Brown Bass Rattlers
Tony Haymon Bass Rattlers Association
Tony Rushing Clewiston Bass Federation
Tyler South Bass Rattlers Association
Alan Agnoli Dunnellon Bassmasters
August Molok Club Florida
Billy Charland Winter Springs Bassmasters
Blaine Partee Florida Trails Bassmasters
Bob Bostdorf Club Florida
Bob Duff Florida Trails Bassmasters
Bob Grosso Bay Area Bassmasters
Bob Theilacker Palm Bay Bassmasters
Brad Baranowski North Tampa Bass Club
Brian Rodriguez Winter Springs Bassmasters
Chad Wagner Lakeland Bassmasters
Chuck Ervin Marion County Bassmasters
Colby Robertson Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Dale Jackson Marion County Bassmasters
Dan Carrigan Dunnellon Bassmasters
Dan Gentry Marion County Bassmasters
Daniel Tillis Marion County Bassmasters
Danny Engleking N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Danny Simmons Lakeland Bassmasters
Darrell Cranor Lakeland Bassmasters
Dave Turner Natures Coast Bass Anglers
David Driggers Florida Trails Bassmasters
David Mock Southern Bass Anglers
Dennis Hanley Club Florida
Don Storey Marion County Bassmasters
Doug Conklin Palm Bay Bassmasters
Eamon Bolten North Tampa Bass Club
Edward Vincent Marion County Bassmasters
Edwin Goans Harris Chain Bassmasters
Eric Panzironi Winter Springs Bassmasters
Fred Chivington Bassmasters of Gator Country
George Scott Marion County Bassmasters
Gerald Rose Winter Springs Bassmasters
Harold Beasley Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Ian Strydom South Pasco Bassmasters
Jack Goodwin N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Jacques Lheureux Bay Area Bassmasters
James Horton Marion County Bassmasters
James Howard Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Jamie Lanier Dunnellon Bassmasters
Jason Haynes Harris Chain Bassmasters
Jeff Chastain Harris Chain Bassmasters
Jeff Holland Lakeland Bassmasters
Joe Edwards, Jr Winter Springs Bassmasters
Joe Pinkston Lakeland Bassmasters
John Hendry Natures Coast Bass Anglers
John Wayne Club Florida
Joseph Campbell Dunnellon Bassmasters
Justin Hazen Marion County Bassmasters
Kenneth Lane Winter Springs Bassmasters
Kyle Fox Lakeland Bassmasters
Lawrence McConnell Dunnellon Bassmasters
Lee Goans Harris Chain Bassmasters
Lee Sisson Lakeland Bassmasters
Michael Grovesteen Club Florida
Michael Press Bay Area Bassmasters
Nick Manfredo Dunnellon Bassmasters
Patrick Murray Marion County Bassmasters
Randall Montoney Florida Trails Bassmasters
Randy Hoedt South Pasco Bassmasters
Raymond Trudeau Lakeland Bassmasters
Richard Niles Winter Springs Bassmasters
Rick Osterholt Harris Chain Bassmasters
Ricky Carr Club Florida
Robert Wood Harris Chain Bassmasters
Rodney Longnecker North Tampa Bass Club
Russell Sanders Florida Trails Bassmasters
Scott Pritt Club Florida
Shawn Cartwright Bay Area Bassmasters
Skip Batton Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Steve Jarrett North Tampa Bass Club
Terry Wien Bay Area Bassmasters
Tom Mahoney Bay Area Bassmasters
Tom Walsh Club Florida
Tony Bejano Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Van Soles Lakeland Bassmasters
Vincent Dellolio Bay Area Bassmasters
Alan Ives Bassmasters of Gator Country
Benny Beckham Bassmasters of Gator Country
Brent Meyers Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Chris Prowant Bassmasters of Gator Country
Chuck Baldwin Bassmasters of Gator Country
Daniel Robertson Bassmasters of Gator Country
Dennis Hart Bassmasters of Gator Country
Donald Bunting Bassmasters of Gator Country
Edward Englehart N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Gene Crossway Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Greg Hughes N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Jason Daily Bassmasters of Gator Country
John Haynes Bassmasters of Gator Country
Mark Blevins Bassmasters of Gator Country
Matt Trawick Dunnellon Bassmasters
Michael Strange Bassmasters of Gator Country
Michael Weis St Augustine Bassmasters
Mike Jackson Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Mike Prance Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Phil Blunt Bassmasters of Gator Country
Robert Heron Bassmasters of Gator Country
Robert Richardson Dunnellon Bassmasters
Steven Thames Bassmasters of Gator Country
Tom Morgan Marion County Bassmasters
Wayne Black Bassmasters of Gator Country
Wendell Burke Dunnellon Bassmasters
Aaron Richardson Miracle Strip Bass Club
Bob Miles Hub City Bassmasters
Dan Fay Winter Springs Bassmasters
Joe Kirbo Twin Cities Bass Club
Josh McMullin Southern Bass Anglers
Matthew Olley  
Mike Krueger Twin Cities Bass Club
Phillip Estrem Hub City Bassmasters
Ralph Ricardo Big Bend Bass Club
Ray Raines Southern Bass Anglers
Steve Herson Miracle Strip Bass Club
Steve Lachina Southern Bass Anglers
Travis Jones  
Alex Mut Homestead Hawg Hunters
Bill Wood Bass Rattlers Association
Bob Wood Bass Rattlers Association
Chris Little Royal Palm Bassmasters
Dave Kimbley Bass Rattlers Association
David Olivera Bass Rattlers Association
Del Pernas Homestead Hawg Hunters
Jim Ryba Bass Rattlers Association
Jose Dominguez Homestead Hawg Hunters
Mike Laporta Fort Myers Bass Club
Wes Jones Bass Rattlers Association
Ben Widerman Florida Trails Bassmasters
Brandon Deterich Winter Springs Bassmasters
Brandon Prophitt Florida Trails Bassmasters
Brian Colson Winter Springs Bassmasters
Bryan Jones Lakeland Bassmasters
Cecil Hock Lakeland Bassmasters
Chad Trempert North Tampa Bass Club
Chris Burden Florida Trails Bassmasters
Curt James N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Darryl Beatrice Marion County Bassmasters
Domenic Dellolio Bay Area Bassmasters
Gary Saxarra Harris Chain Bassmasters
James Topmiller Florida Trails Bassmasters
Jarrod Stroud Florida Trails Bassmasters
Jeremy Knepper Florida Trails Bassmasters
Joe Collins Winter Springs Bassmasters
John Gory Winter Springs Bassmasters
John Hendry Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Joseph Meehan N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Justin Hazen Marion County Bassmasters
Keith Carter Winter Springs Bassmasters
Ken Willits Winter Springs Bassmasters
Larry Burchett Tampa Bay Bassmasters
Larry Gatlin Lakeland Bassmasters
Matthew Marinelli Winter Springs Bassmasters
Maurice Meehan N.C.B.A. Bassmasters
Ralph Clippinger Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Ricky Carr Club Florida
Robert Harper Florida Trails Bassmasters
Robert Holcomb Winter Springs Bassmasters
Robert Wood Harris Chain Bassmasters
Roger Tolbert Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Russell Tillis Marion County Bassmasters
Scott Wise Harris Chain Bassmasters
Silverio Roca Florida Trails Bassmasters
Tim Grimes South Pasco Bassmasters
Tobby Gant Bay Area Bassmasters
Tom Bateman Florida Trails Bassmasters
Warren Gensel Bay Area Bassmasters
Barry Brunges Bassmasters of Gator Country
Jimmy Keith Bassmasters of Gator Country
Joseph Agnoli Dunnellon Bassmasters
Kevin Schudel Marion County Bassmasters
Matt Kent St Augustine Bassmasters
Mike Tacak Natures Coast Bass Anglers
Nickolas Messom Team Fishing Series (TFS)
Samuel Bailey Bassmasters of Gator Country
Todd Daniel Bassmasters of Gator Country
Tom Mahoney Bay Area Bassmasters
William Starling Team Fishing Series (TFS)

Angler's Name Club
Brad Renner Lakeland Bassmasters
Bruce Wolosyn Bass Rattlers Association
Charles Loftin 1st Coast Christian Bass Club
Christopher Neatherly South Pasco Bassmasters
Clay Garrett Bay Area Bassmasters
Damon Coppola Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Daniel Irish 1st Coast Christian Bass Club
David Westerlund Marion County Bassmasters
Doug Sauls Tuscawilla Bassmasters
George Mitko South Pasco Bassmasters
Jeff Shaffer Florida Trails Bassmasters
Joe Hobson Bay Area Bassmasters
John Strydom South Pasco Bassmasters
Levi Brown Lakeland Bassmasters
Mark Beasley Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Matthew Norris South Pasco Bassmasters
Michael Hardy Bay Area Bassmasters
Michael Nicknadarvich Lakeland Bassmasters
Steve Brown Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Steven Crawford Marion County Bassmasters
Thomas Kilgore Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Angler's Name Club
Andrew White Marion County Bassmasters
Anthony Bass Harris Chain Bassmasters
Billy Wright Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Brian Ahearn Lakeland Bassmasters
Carol Mahoney Bay Area Bassmasters
Chad Dorland 1st Coast Christian Bass Club
Chad Sheffield Florida Trails Bassmasters
Dellolio Hatfield Bass Rattlers Association
Dennis Hanley Club Florida
Doug Sauls Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Gary Ford Bay Area Bassmasters
Ian Strydom South Pasco Bassmasters
Jeff Baker Bay Area Bassmasters
Jerry Shawver, Jr 1st Coast Christian Bass Club
John Hunt Lakeland Bassmasters
John Koser Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Mark Beasley Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Pamela Hardy Bay Area Bassmasters
Richard Finley Lakeland Bassmasters
Richard Jakubcin Tuscawilla Bassmasters
Rocky Luckeydoo Harris Chain Bassmasters
Steve Gallette South Pasco Bassmasters
Steve Mezaros Bass Rattlers Association
Steve Mitko South Pasco Bassmasters
Toby Riddle South Pasco Bassmasters
Tom Walsh Club Florida
Tommy Robinson Lakeland Bassmasters
Winfred Jackson Marion County Bassmasters



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